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3 Flirting Techniques To Attract High Quality Men

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Love Trips by Sujeiry Gonzalez. Photo by Claysnails Photography.I once asked my friend Celeste how to flirt effectively. We ran around a track – huffing, puffing and chatting as we often did – when I dropped this monumental question.

“My flirting skills,” I explained, “are sub par.”

“I know how to smile and wink, but I often attract the wrong man,” I finished.

Celeste nodded, agreeing with my assessment. She often had quality men vying for her attention, so I held her in high esteem when it came to matters of the heart.

“You have to be confident,” Celeste replied. And she was right.

Confidence attracts high quality men because high quality men are confident. But flirting isn’t always that simple. Often times we flirt and find ourselves with men who are not worthy of a wink or smile.

So, to help you on this journey, here are 3 flirting techniques that will attract high quality men:

  • Less is More. The less aggressive you are the better. That means you shouldn’t be at a bar rubbing on a man’s chest. Tame the touching and use subtlety instead. When we are overly affectionate at first glance, we often attract men who want the touching rather than the partnership. If you can’t help but reach out and touch somebody, touch his shoulder once and a while. But nothing below the neck!
  • Use Your Mouth. And I don’t mean for sexual favors. Quality men want quality women who have interesting things to say. So, spark a conversation that shows off your impressive communication skills and lay off the giggles and OMG’s.
  • Use Your Mind. A mind is a terrible thing to waste, so why are you hiding yours? There is such a thing as mental foreplay and quality men are attracted to beautiful minds. Talk about your passions and what drives you. This will spark his interest and prove that you are more than just a pretty face. It will also turn off boys who only seek sparks in between the sheets.

Now that you are equipped with effective flirting techniques, go out with confidence. To flirt, we must feel comfortable in our own skin. Make sure you feel good about who you are and present the best you to the world. Believe you deserve quality and stop settling for less. Remember, we receive what we put forth. Make sure to use your beautiful mind, subtle and respectful feminine ways and clever communication skills to attract that beautiful, intelligent and respectful man of quality.


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