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Ask Sujeiry: A Stranger Won’t Stop Texting Me

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Dear Sujeiry,

I needed to sell my camera and used an app where people shop for used items. This one guy wanted to buy it so we met at an Applebee’s. The transaction went smooth, no problems. But now the stranger won’t stop texting me!

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Actually, he doesn’t have my phone number because everything is done through the app, but he won’t stop sending me messages. He keeps telling me how beautiful I am, to give him a chance and that he really wants to get to know me. It’s freaking me out, so I need your advice on how to turn him down without pissing him off. He knows what I look like so I’m afraid he’ll be nutty when I reject him. How should I handle the situation?


Stranger Danger


Dear Stranger Danger,

Ugh! It’s absurd that women have to go through this with men! But I have some advice to nip in the bud. Here goes – nip in the bud!

When men are being pushy and hitting on us, women tend to approach the situation indirectly. Often times we are afraid to be seen as rude or impolite. In this case, I give you permission to be a bitch, if need be! Send him a message and tell him that you appreciate his compliments, but that you are not interested. Let him know that this was solely a business transaction. If he doesn’t get it and keeps messaging you, tell him that he needs to stop immediately or you will contact customer service. This should halt his advances. If not, I would call customer service and report his profile.

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As for being scared that he’ll stalk you, because you met in a public place (and hopefully not anywhere near your home) you should be OK. Just watch out for social media. He might be crafty and find you online. If that is the case, block him or report him on the social media sites where he is harassing you. Revise your privacy settings and don’t check in anywhere until this guy is officially out of your life.’Cause men can go cray when rejected!

Love strongly and wisely,


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