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Ask Sujeiry: He Said He Liked Me Then Ghosted

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Dear Sujeiry,

A guy I’ve knows for over 10 years told me he had feelings for me, and then he ghosted! It’s been weeks and I have not heard from him. What is going on?! What should I do? I just don’t understand men. Please share some of your advice.


Left Me in the Dust


Dear Left Me in the Dust,

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Ay, what is it with men, huh? Well, it’s quite simple, really. I see this in three ways: 1) He’s just not that into you; 2) He’s into you but doesn’t want a relationship, or 3) He has feelings for you but doesn’t want to act on them.

Why would he say anything at all? He wants to keep you ‘on the shelf.’ He isn’t ready to be serious but doesn’t want your fine ass to meet someone else. It’s a way to keep you on hold, lingering and hoping.

What should you do? Nothing. Leave him be. In my experience when men have feelings for a woman and are willing and ready to be in a relationship, they go for it. Feelings are not enough. Action and follow through – that’s what matters! Without them you don’t have a relationship, you just have words.

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Love strongly and wisely,


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