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Ask Sujeiry: 4 Tips on How To Keep Positive and Go For It

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On Motivation Monday, I was en route to NYC from Las Vegas therefore unable to provide my weekly inspiration. But it’s never too late to lift your spirits, so, today, Ask Sujeiry will have a twist. I am asking myself a question that folks ask me regularly.

Dear Sujeiry (that’s me!),

How do you continue to be so positive and go for it?!


The Public

Dear The Public,

Pursuing goals isn’t always easy, especially when said goals are unconventional. It especially becomes harder to “go for it” when facing obstacles like financial instability and job loss, or personal troubles, like death, heartbreak, and betrayal. How to cope? Here are some tips:

  • Cry Out The Bad. Yes, it’s cliche and super girly, but that’s how I mourn. And we all must mourn. Mourning helps us release the negative emotions that we’re holding in. Suppressing our emotions suffocates our spirit. It holds us back and eats at us. For me, crying helps. It may not suit you but please find a mechanism that allows you to vent (but not dwell) and let go.
  • Keep the Faith. I have faith in my path, my passion, my craft, God, myself (although sometimes I waver)…and it keeps me going. Even when I lose writing gigs and there is an influx of change, I  keep the faith. Even when I am in a slump and I am in bed for days, depressed and unmotivated (it also happens to me!), I keep the faith.
  • Gratitude. Keeping the faith isn’t always easy, and that’s why I try to focus on my blessings. When down and out and lacking motivation or positivity, find one thing you are grateful for. Just weeks ago, I began a new morning routine because I was in a funk. I wake up, say one thing I am grateful for, breathe, and set my intention for the day. This not only starts my morning off with positive thoughts and emotions, but it also makes me smile and feel fortunate for the life that I have to live.
  • Know That the Universe Has Your Back. Because it does! If you pay attention to the lows – the men who have broken your heart and let you go, the jobs that you’ve lost, the friends that you’ve unfriended, the  business ventures that have flopped, the relationships that have ended – you will see a common thread. Something better is ALWAYS on the horizon. Whether it’s a better job or a new way to make income and pursue your passion, a new gig that you couldn’t commit to because of an old gig and/or contract, or a healthy relationship that shows you what you’re worth and how to be loved, something NEW and BETTER will come.

You just have to trust that you are where you’re are supposed to be. You have to keep sane and keep the faith and have HOPE.  For me, when work is tough, my heart is aching, or projects are stalled or do not pan out at all, HOPE keeps me holding on. All these universal principles do. So, believe in yourself, keep the faith, and go for it!

Love strongly and wisely,


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