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When He Practices Solo Love More Than Love Making

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When He Practices Solo Love More Than Love Making

When he jerks off more than you make love, Roger, you have a problem!

Little Johnny goes to school, and the teacher says, “Today we are going to learn multi-syllable words, class. Does anybody have an example of a multi-syllable word?”

Little Johnny waves his hand, “Me, Miss Rogers, me, me!”

Miss Rogers replies, “Alright, little Johnny, what is your multi-syllable word?”

Little Johnny says, “Mas-tur-bate.”

Miss Rogers smiles and says, “Wow, little Johnny, that’s a mouthful.”

Little Johnny says, “No, Miss Rogers, you’re thinking of a blowjob.”

But back to masturbating. Some men have a one-man tug of war one too many times. I’m talking about an obscene amount of solo love!

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Picture it ladies: you’re in a committed relationship with someone you love. You have a healthy sex drive and your man’s libido isn’t too shabby. One day during lovemaking you notice that your husband is more physically and emotionally distant. Your lovemaking has dwindled from a few times a week to once a week to now once a month. You can’t put your finger on it, but you have a nagging feeling something isn’t right. You don’t suspect he is cheating, but something is obviously off. Your husband isn’t aroused by you as he once was. He has difficulty achieving orgasm and holding an erection when you’re intimate. What could be the problem?

Masturbation addiction.

According to David Freeman on WebMD, “Some men become so obsessed with solo sex that they begin to lose interest in having sex with their partner. The resulting hurt feelings and alienation a partner feels can make it hard to sustain the relationship.” On a more physical level, chronic masturbation can also cause sexual dysfunction and retarded ejaculation. This can make it virtually impossible to reach orgasm and climax during intercourse.

Also, you can’t assume that just because your guy loves to jerk off that there is an issue with your relationship. Masturbation addiction is akin to sexual addiction, and there are several ways to help alleviate and eliminate it. Men can go talk to a sex therapist or attend SAA (Sex Addicts Anonymous) for group sessions where you share personal experiences with the hope of overcoming the addiction and recovering a sense of normalcy.

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So, if he needs the help, there are options. Because sex and intimacy are much better with a partner than with a hand.

Rich is a proud married guy and father of two. He enjoys helping women understand the mind of a man.


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