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Best of Both Worlds: A Man Searches for a Friends with Benefits

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Best of Both Worlds: A Man Searches for a Friends with Benefits

Hold on to your panties! A man describes a sex scene with a friends with benefits.

We enter her apartment after some shopping. Have some dinner and sit on the couch to watch some TV. She rests her feet on my lap. After a few minutes, I begin to massage them. “Oh, that feels good,” she says.

We look at each other for a moment, a look of acknowledgment. I move in closer and lean in for a kiss. My hands gently explore her body. While still kissing, I find the top button on her blouse and start undoing each one. Her breathing becomes heavier as I remove her blouse. I’m way ahead of her. I’ve had an erection since the first foot touched my lap. I work my lips down her neck to her clavicle to the top of her breasts while I undo her bra. I am on my knees now, giving her breasts the attention they deserve.

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She pulls my shirt over my head. We kiss some more. She goes for my earlobe and continues down my neck (a weak spot of mine.) As she does this my hands are undoing her belt and pants. I pull her pants down and, after removing the last pant leg, I can see her arousal seeping through her panties. I fight the urge to attack as my mouth waters. Her breasts are calling me; I lean forward, kiss, suck and nibble on them. Her soft moans are arousing me more and more. I continue kissing down her torso, down to her hip, where I clamp on to her panties with my teeth. Working each side down until they are completely off. I look down between her legs and as the TV changes screens, I can see her vagina glowing. I look up at her and with a look she’s telling me, “Go for it.”

I give her a smile in return then grab her right leg and, starting at her knee, start kissing her inner thigh. I’m getting closer and closer. Just when I’m almost there, I go to the left leg. Again, getting closer and closer. This time I go in, she exhales deeply, grabbing the back of my head with both hands. She leans her head back and arches her back. It’s going to happen soon. Her moaning becomes shallow. I can feel her muscles tense up and…splash. With a loud exhale her body goes limp. Her breathing is heavy, as if she was just sprinting. She looks down at me and runs her fingers through my hair as if saying,”Good job.” She got hers, now it’s my turn.

Afterwards, I leave and we don’t speak again for about a week. No, we are not having an affair. We are simply “friends with benefits.”

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The above is a fictional tale but it is something I am searching for and wondering if it’s possible to attain. I am searching for a “friend with benefits,” not a booty call. She can be my date for an event; we go Dutch when we are out; and if we chose to, we can have sex without things getting awkward. After, we may loose contact for a few days and that is fine. You get the benefits of a relationship without the drama – the best of both worlds.

For me it’s uncharted territory. Till then, my quest continues.

Martin Chavez is an actor and model who shares his personal experiences on love, sex and relationships. He gives readers the male perspective.


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