Making Sacrifices in Relationships Doesn’t Make Us Happier

Sad LoveCompromise doesn’t equal relationship fulfillment.

We all want to make our partners happy. Sometimes we do things for our love that we’re not too comfortable with. Then there’s the little things we do to show our love, like doing the laundry when it’s their turn. We compromise and go to a tailgate party though we’d rather spend a Saturday night dancing at a fancy and sophisticated lounge.

But making sacrifices doesn’t mean that your relationship is healthy. It doesn’t mean that you and your partner are happier.

According to a recent University of Arizona study, making sacrifices doesn’t improve your relationship at all.

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Researchers asked 164 married and unmarried heterosexual couples to participate in a 7-day survey where couples noted what sacrifices they made for their significant other. The categories were as follows: household tasks, schedule, child care, time spent with family, time spent with friends, leisure activities, partner communication, intimate activities, financial standing, living arrangements, diet and exercise and physical appearance. Other factors were taken into account, like daily stress and hassles and how close and committed they felt to their partner and relationship. The results? Those who make sacrifices for their partner reported being more committed to the relationship but there aren’t any more satisfied or fulfilled. Sacrifice did not make any individual feel closer to their partner.

So, what does this all mean? My guess is that you can love your partner to pieces but the things you do for them are more out of obligation and routine. Our sacrifices may just be another item to cross off a list.

How has making sacrifices and compromise affected your relationships? Share your thoughts!

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