3 of the Most Romantic ‘How We Met’ Stories

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When single I never thought I’d meet my man online, but that’s exactly where I met Boo. Still, I remember thinking, Ugh! Online dating just isn’t romantic! Instead of pounding on my phone to meet my match, I wanted a super sweet “how we met” love story that didn’t include dodging messages like, “Sit on my face.” #TrueStory

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I use to envision telling my kids that their father saved me (and my nude pump) from a NYC street grate.

The Wedding Planner Shoe Scene

Oh, wait – that’s what happened with J.Lo in The Wedding Planner. But, you get my drift!

Most women are just like me, and want to share a lovely tale with family and friends about how they met their significant other. And we all want to hear these stories. They give single women hope and make all women “ooh” and “ah.” Well, get ready to drool over some sappy love bites! Here are the most romantic “how we met” stories:

Levi and Noreen, San Diego, CA

The best love stories involve destiny. Levi and Noreen first met in kindergarten and went to school together all the way through high school. “We always knew of each other, but for some reason we were never really friends,” Noreen said. “Four years after high school, we bumped into each other downtown on a night out. He greeted and hugged me as if we were the best of friends.” Though she was excited to see him, she played it cool.

The following weekend she walked into a bar to meet a blind date. “As I walked into the bar to meet my date, who do I run into again? Levi,” she exclaimed. “Both of our jaws dropped and we knew it was fate.” They began dating and soon moved in together. No word on what happened to her poor blind date.

Josh and Michelle, Riverside, CA

Who says Latinos can only connect while jamming to Prince Royce? Josh and Michelle love heavy metal, so naturally they met at a concert. “It was my first metal concert so I didn’t know what to expect,” she shared. “Naturally, the crowd was getting really rowdy, so I grabbed the rail in front of me trying to catch my balance.” She tried to squeeze her way in through the crowd. Unknowingly, Josh elbowed her. “Once he turned around and saw it was me, he let me squeeze in,” she recalled, and “small talk in between bands revealed there was an obvious connection.” So, who made the first move? “He tells everyone I asked for his number, but really he asked for mine.” And the rest is history! This California couple are now married. “We are excited to wake up to each other every morning.”

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Karen and Oscar, Miami

College is a common place to meet a future husband, so it makes sense that Karen met Oscar at the Florida International University Library. “It was the week before final exams. As you can imagine, the library was completely overcrowded; all the electrical outlets, extension cords, tables and chairs were taken,” Karen explained. She saw Oscar sitting at a table all by his lonesome and asked if she could sit with him. “Oscar was finishing his project about Colombia National Security,” she remembered. “I had a t-shirt on that said Colombian so Oscar thought to ask me for help, which sparked conversation.” The chat about Colombia turned into coffee and then pizza. “Our first dinner together was in the FIU library!” Karen joked. Now together for 4 years, their wedding is set for September. She should totally wear her “Colombian” t-shirt.

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