A Checklist on Taking Care of That Engagement Ring Bling

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Three months pregnant and exhausted, I rub my eyes like a newborn baby and turn to Dave. “I don’t think I can stay up any longer.” 

“Yeah, you’re a lightweight now,” he teased. 

“Well, at least we opened our presents!” Sure, it wasn’t officially Christmas. Traditionally, my family opens Christmas gifts at midnight, but I couldn’t keep my damn eyes open. 

“Ok, babe, good night…” I lean in and kiss him on the lips before walking into our bedroom. On my pillowcase lays an envelope. 

“Baaaabe! What is this?” I yell while opening it. Crickets over in the living room. I begin to read the letter and my eyes, no longer burning with exhaustion, are now brimming with tears. I turn the page over and it reads:


Proposal Ideas T-Shirt

I gasp. I can’t see, I’m crying so hard. Like a newborn who is starving but I’m so full. Full of love, hope and life. 

“Baaaabe!” I scream through sobs while walking back into the living room. He’s down on one knee and before Dave can say a word, I blurt, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” Now standing on two feet, he laughs. “You didn’t even let me ask!”

We embrace, kiss…and I know I’ll remember this moment forever. I’m relishing in it. I’ve been waiting for Dave to propose. We talked marriage and baby 10 months into our relationship. Now, knocked up on a Christmas Day, well, it was the perfect time. I smile at him again and look at my sparkly, halo diamond ring. “So pretty,” I whisper, “I hope I don’t damage it.”

That’s when it hits me. I can royally ruin this engagement ring. It’s the nicest and most expensive piece of jewelry that I own, and I’m oh so clumsy! I bump into everything and often knock things over with my hands. Or scrape my hands. Or hit my hands on countertops and sinks. Plus, I cook all of the time. I mean, am I supposed to take off my ring every time I season chicken? Am I supposed to wash my hands a million times a day? I need answers! 

Dave has none. He insured the ring because my man is nothing if not cautious, but taking care of that ring on a daily basis is my new job. If you’re engaged, it’s your job to make sure your ring doesn’t lose its sparkle. Luckily, Jewelers Mutual’s comprehensive cleaning and care guide provides newly-engaged chicas with time-based checklists to keep your ring clean and cared for all year long.

And if your man isn’t as practical as Dave, Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company provides an extra level of protection that often goes beyond what is covered by typical homeowners or renter’s insurance. Exclusively insuring jewelry for over 100 years, Jewelers Mutual offers repair or replacement coverage for all types of jewelry and watches. Coverage includes loss, theft, damage and mysterious disappearance (unexplained loss). It also doesn’t matter where you lost or damaged your ring. Jewelers Mutual Insurance goes with you wherever you travel around the world. That includes your honeymoon!

So, go ahead. Stop worrying, brides-to-be, and download the Jewelers Mutual Insurance Company Cleaning and Care Guide. I did and I am at ease because of it. A year later I’m still crying like a baby, but that’s because I continue to be full of love, hope and life. And now, it’s time for mommy to marry Evan’s daddy.

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