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5 Signs His Girl Friend Wants Your Man

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When Stephen introduced me to his girl friend, Petty Betty, I tried to keep an open mind. He had shared so many great things about her; I thought we would be fast friends. So when she approached us in front of Stephen’s apartment building, I opened my arms wide, expecting a hug and a, “Hey! It’s finally great to meet you!”…or something. Instead, Petty Betty greeted me with a one-armed side hug.

I brushed it off. Maybe she had a bad day, I thought. But when I found her on Instagram, I noticed she had posted tons of photos of her and Stephen, and captioned many of the pics with the bulging eyeballs and chocolate bar emojis.

“He’s my chocolate bar not yours!” I shouted at my phone. “And only I can eyeball him from top to bottom!”

I told Stephen what I saw, and of course, he thought I was overreacting. “There’s no way she’s attracted to me that way,” he commented. My mind, however, was made up. How could he not see that Petty Betty was plotting a takeover – of our relationship?!

I know I’m not the only woman who’s been through this ridiculousness. It’s sad, but some women lack boundaries and are clearly into another chicas man. Here are some signs that your man’s girlfriend may be just as petty as Petty Betty.

Standoffish attitude

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If she makes no effort to get to know you, that speaks volumes. As does a woman who is off and on and super fake. You know, like she’s only cool with you when your man is nearby, but has nothing to say when he’s not.

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She only addresses him

not going to be ignored

If she focuses on him too much and disregards you, that’s a clear sign she’s not someone to trust. Especially if she straight up ignores you.

Texting too often


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If she’s texting him 24/7 or even late night, she’s trouble. Tell him to tell her to cut that shit out – or else.

Your gut feeling

feelings intuition

That feeling you get in your stomach is always accurate. So if you feel she’s up to no good, she’s up to no bueno.

She’s forever single

always single adele


If she’s single and shows no signs of getting her own man, plus she’s doing all of the above, she just may want your man.

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