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5 Ways to Tell If You Are In A Toxic Relationship

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take heed quoteAt some point in our lives, someone will get close to us who isn’t good for us or our emotional development. These relationships are often toxic, draining us of good energy. These relationships also come in different forms. Sometimes it is a boyfriend that is toxic. Other times it is a friend or a family member. No matter who it is one thing is certain – toxic relationships are exhausting and chaotic.

How do you know if you are in a toxic relationship? You have to notice red flags. Here are 5 warning signs that you are in a toxic relationship or friendship.

Not Everyone Can Be Wrong
You meet a man who has a terrible reputation. Still, you choose to ignore the naysayers and get to know him for who he is, instead of who they say he is. That’s mighty big of you; I commend anyone who gives others the benefit of the doubt. But not everyone can be wrong.

If the consensus is telling you that there is something not quite right about a person, take heed.

Lack of Reciprocation
A one-sided relationship looks something like this.

You are their therapist. You are their emotional punching bag.  You are their drinking buddy and nothing else. You get the drift.

When you are the only one giving (or taking), the relationship is toxic. Balance isn’t always present in relationships, but we should strive for that equilibrium. If you feel that a person in your life isn’t there for you and that the relationship is only about them, that relationship no longer serves you.

Negative Energy All Around
Negative energy is contagious. It is also exhausting. When a person in your life constantly complains or fails to see the silverlining, he or she is toxic. They are playing the role of victim and you’re enabling them by listening, agreeing, and/or counseling. There is only so much you can do to help someone who is not accountable for their actions.

Gossip Hound
If a friend gossips and bashes those around them, there will come a point where they will do the same to you. Gossiping is a nasty habit. Because it is a habit it’s challenging to end the behavior. There are also those who gossip to put people down or because they are insecure. Those are nasty qualities that you need not be around.

Strings Attached
If you do something for someone, do so because you want to, not because you expect something in return. Toxic people don’t understand this concept. Instead, they help with strings attached. They demand favors in return, or worse, they throw what they’ve done for you in your face. This is a sure sign of a toxic relationship.

So, take note of those around you and their toxic qualities. The red flags are always there; we just ignore them because we care and want to see the greater good. However, if there are too many, much more than positive traits, it’s better to let go. Cut the chord before your toxic relationship harms your well well being.

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