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Love Trips: One Kiss

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A man leans in; his breath on my lips as they naturally part. He slides his warm tongue into my now watery mouth and my tongue joins him in a seductive tango.  And then one of three scenarios occur: 1) Noses bump and dribble falls due to him inhaling my mouth. 2) He sucks the life out of my tongue as if it were a Good Daddy lollipop.  3) Our movements align as we melt into each other’s mouths like soil soaks up water.

The latter kiss is the one that tells me the man I’ve just kissed may be it. The former kisses, on the other hand, serve as a reality check, so I untangle myself from the embrace, subtly wiping my mouth. All I need is that one kiss to know whether I will see that man again, kiss that man again. Because one kiss says it all.

My first kiss with Mr. G spoke volumes. After rushing up the stairs and rereading my proclamation for a soulmate on my Vision Board, I lay in bed. I had to be up in three hours to meet my cousin Dileyka and catch our bus to Boston, but I was unable to pack. Instead, I lay on top of my covers, fully dressed, with my hand on my lips. I replayed the kiss over and over, soaking up the water like a flouring vine.

Twenty minutes later, I emerged from my haze and realized I had yet to call my cousin.  I walked to the living room, picked up my home phone and dialed my cell number. My cell had terrible timing, breaking down days before my trip to Boston, but at least I could check my voicemail. I got through and was surprised to hear the slightly raspy voice on the other end.

“Hey Ms. G…its Mr. G. I just wanted to tell you that I had a really great time tonight. I hope it wasn’t any inconvenience and that you have a great trip, but nonetheless, I had a great time. So have a safe trip and hopefully I’ll see you when you come back from Boston. God Bless. Bye.”

God Bless? I smiled. Mr. G seemed nervous. It was sweet, and I was confident Mr. G felt that kiss as intensely as I had.  For now, that’s all that mattered. Yes, Mr. G was in a relationship. Yes, my heart could potentially shatter. But I didn’t care. I had experienced hurt before and knew I could handle anything. I knew I was strong enough and resilient enough. I knew this was somehow worth it, that the Universe aligned as our movements aligned and we melted into each other’s mouths like soil soaks up water. I was open and willing and embracing the thought that this one kiss was it.

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