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I Need A Man

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I consider myself a pretty independent woman. I have two, count them, two full time jobs. I pay for my student loans monthly with the funds in my bank account. And did I mention that I have a box of sex toys at my disposal? Just one drawer away, people!

Still, at times, I realize the inevitable. I open my yap and shout, “I need a man!” Just yesterday morning I huffed, “I need a man!” when Mami asked me to take out the trash. It was smelly, full of chuleta scraps and bird feed, and very heavy! As I dragged the plastic, stinky garbage bag, I began to daydream. A handsome man (I always date handsome men) would grab the bag from my dainty hands while wiping the sweat of my brow. He would take my dainty hand, shoo away the hoodlums, and sit me down on the stoop. I’d salivate as he’d lift the heavy garbage bag, push the black door that leads to the basement, and hurl the bag toward its Hefty comrades.

This is why I need a man.

There’s also suitcases. Whenever I go to Boston on Megabus, I carry my suitcase down four flights of stairs and trek through the subway rolling said suitcase. I damn the Gods each time I travel, frustrated at my state of affairs. Why can’t I have a man to travel with so he can pick me up in his ride? Even if he didn’t have a car, at least he’d lug this bitch around for me!

Then there’s the intimacy. I can get freaky with B.O.B (Battery Operated Boyfriend) but B.O.B does not cuddle or kiss back. Certain nights, I lay in bed wishing a man were beside me, to warm me with his masculine arms and kiss me tenderly in the morning, stank breath and all.

At this point, I”ll even accept a man who snores.

So yes, I am a very independent woman  who works with teens in the day and writes about love at night, who pays her bills on time and has an Excellent credit score, who is not afraid to use B.O.B pre-menstruation or when my pepa™ calls to be pleasured.

But sometimes I just need a man by my side.

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  • Sujeiry Gonzalez

    Wow. I am so sorry you experienced this! Glad to know that you are at peace with the situation and yourself, whether with a man or alone!

  • Chris

    I too craved a man to experience as noted in the above article. Well, when i least expected the elements of relationship were soon bestowed upon me. He was showering me with gifts, love, attention and promises beyond cinderallas belief. Suddenly, cloudiness started to cover my rose colored glasses.

    The promises to love and protect me forever went right out the window, the discovery that he had been lying to me and not really who he claimed to be surfaced. As well as later to be dumped by an email because he lacked courage or had no huevos to tell me in person. Then After two day of endless streaming tears aNd a bleeding heart he contacted me to attempt to reconcile and apologize.

    But in conclusion, No words or concessions could bring back the most valuable item what took me years to achieve and was instantaneously lost:peace without a man!

  • Cid

    I feel ya girl. I was once that independent chica who worked hard and paid her own bills with all her jobs. Dreaming of that perfect (kinda) man who would take out the trash and do all that manly stuff. Well when I wasn’t even looking or thinking about it, he came along. I have to admit he does take out the trash and vacuum around the house, I am very grateful! But now I sometimes dream of having that single independent chica life when I didn’t have worry about the toilet seat being left up or pee pee on the floor! Ay we are never happy with what we got….LOL Love reading your blog….siempre me entretiene!

  • I take out the garbage at my house…

    Si, my man does a whole lot of heavy lifting…and he cuddles…pero, cojelo con take it easy.
    It’ll happen.

    And, he’d better be one hell of a man!

  • Love reading your posts Sujeiry. You always have a great writing style when sharing your stories.

  • Cynthia Martinez

    Its nolt about needing its about wanting. People who ar dependent need….ppl who are independent want. And there is nothing wrong with wanting someone else to carry your bags..or hold your toys while you rape him. 😉