Love Trips: Pull My Tail! The Dating Game of Cat and Mouse

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Tom and JerryTom and Jerry had nothing on Brad and I.

If you’ve ever watched the cartoon, “Tom and Jerry,” one thing is clear – the cat and mouse game can be fun albeit dangerous. Tom pulls Jerry’s tail. Jerry bangs Tom on the face with a skillet. They fuss and fight and chase and grab. And an Anvil always falls on someone’s head. Yet they come together in the end. What would Tom be without Jerry or Jerry without Tom? Just a regular cat and mouse.

The same goes for dating and the entire courting process. A woman gives a little, takes a little. The man is enticed. He wants her more and more every day, like a cat who can’t get enough milk that’s put out (even when it’s rotten). Suddenly, the woman stops running. She is ready to be caught, to be loved. That’s when often times the cat turns away. He snubs her as cats do and doesn’t want to pull on her cute little tail. Cause he’s a pussy.

This is exactly what happened between Brad and I. He was hot for me in every sense of the word. I, however, hadn’t given in or given him any. He grew weary, impatient. When I decided to take our relationship to the next level, mofo disappeared. Brad stopped chasing and I took over the role of mouse. But I understood. This role reversal happens often in relationships; a woman can only give and take so long before the game is flipped on its head. So I called and texted and let it be known that, yes, I wanted to give him a piece of my apple pie. Only he didn’t reply fast enough. He wasn’t playing along and so I deleted his number. It was an impulsive move. One that I took to gain control, to be the power player, the Jerry to his Tom. But how could I be Jerry if I didn’t have his number?!

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I panicked. Minutes after erasing all traces of his phone number on my iPhone, I freaked. There was no way to contact him, no mutual friends, no Facebook requests, no more game playing and chasing. And I had no other prospects. No one to call. No one to give me attention. No man to hold onto during cold Los Angeles nights. So I did what any unreasonable yet surprisingly logical woman would do – I found my phone bill online. Brad’s digits were right there in black and white.

Only our relationship wasn’t so clear. It was gray and yucky. It wasn’t a relationship at all. And though I called and texted and we ended up doing the deed, we both knew that this cat and mouse weren’t meant to play together for life. Cause he’s a pussy. And I don’t want to be hit with another Anvil.

Tell us. How has game playing affected your relationships?

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