15 Inspiring Quotes to Lift Us Up When Feeling Lonely

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One day I walked into my bedroom and sobbed for hours. My pillow case was covered in snot and my head pounded. No, I hadn’t just been dumped. I didn’t just come from a funeral. In fact, my life on the outside seemed fabulous. I had a job that I loved and was enjoying being single. My later-in-life friends made sure of the latter; we would often hit up trendy bars and lounges in the city. And no one in my immediate family had any qualms. So, why was I so upset? Why did I rush home to howl as if someone ran over my imaginary dog? Loneliness.

Just because someone’s outside looks picture perfect doesn’t mean that person is happy. True happiness and fulfillment come from within. When someone is truly in a good place personally, it’s not about money or someone else’s love. That helps, sure, but if you have little to no self-worth and self-love, those euphoric feelings are fleeting.

So sometimes I would feel very lonely. At the time I even thought I suffered from depression, which isn’t far fetched. But my loneliness and feelings of doom and gloom rarely lasted very long. I often returned to my chipper and ambitious self within 24 hours. How did I bounce back? That very day, when I felt incredibly lonely, I lay on my bed and broke down. I cried as if a piece of me were missing. I released all my fears and doubts via my tear ducts. I felt a void. I knew I had to lift myself out of that state, so I took a shower and released more of my loneliness with ugly tears. When dry and more at ease, I sought inspiration. Whether it’s in a book, writing in my journal, or speaking to a friend, I also need words of encouragement to get me out of a funk.

I think we all do, which is why I have collected 15 of the most inspiring quotes to lift us up when feeling lonely and heartbroken.

All About Moving Forward (Quote)

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  • So great to here this helped! Enjoy the holidays.

  • Danielle

    This was exactly what I needed today. I’ve had the holiday blues several years in a row because I usually spend it alone. Just had that “ugly” cry and it helped. I can’t remember the last time I cried. I usually keep it inside. Thanks for this. Hopefully, I won’t be googling “lonely during holidays” again next year. 🙂