5 Ways to Get Him to Break Up with You, Says Mindy Lahiri

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Whether you’re single or in a relationship, ‘The Mindy Project” is a hilarious show that teaches us valuable lessons on love, dating and relationships. Mindy Lahiri is a smart and pop-culture savvy gynecologist who lives in NYC and just so happens to be a little nutty. She’s my hero.

Find My Kanye Mindy Kaling

I love that Mindy is a woman of color, and isn’t afraid to scarf down NYC street dogs with pride and gusto! And, of course, there’s Mindy’s love life. Before Danny, she dated some creeps, cornballs and freaks – much like yours truly. And she’s had to break up with said creeps, cornballs and freaks. Here’s how to break up with a guy like Mindy.

Consult a psychic.

You heard me right. According to Mindy, if you pretend you have true psychic friends, your man will think you’re bonkers. Pick up the phone while he’s there. Call Ms. Peo (the fab lady featured in the above video). Look into a crystal ball. Start shuffling barajas. Light up a cigar and spit out some agua bendita. 

Pee with the door open.

Pee with door openBoo loves it when I do this but, my man is a little odd himself. Most men, however, will feel that peeing with the door open kills the romance in the relationship. I mean, there’s no more mystery! (Although, if you think about it, where does he think your pee goes?) If you’re just dating a guy, get really comfy in that department. Let him see some crack while you crap. That’ll be the end of that.

Slap me, kiss me.

Slap and Kiss MeYes! Mindy slapped Cliff then kissed Cliff so he could break up with her (all for Danny, yay!). It was bonkers. See number 1.

Don grandma pajamas.

Grandmas pajamas

Source: TheGloss

Nothing kills the mood faster than flannel pajamas with pockets. If you want to push it, rub some Icy Hot or Bengay all over your body, and rock a gown with buttons that go up to your chin. Do this every day and he’ll know it’s a wrap.

Rescue lots of cats.

So many catsIf you have one cat, it’s cute. If you have three, most men will question your judgement – unless he’s a cat-loving guy. So, mention your love of cats. You’ve named them all (Mimi, Timmy, and Kimmy) and can’t wait to marry him so you can adopt a litter! It’s the purrfect breakup tactic – at least according to Mindy Lahiri.

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