5 Moments That Shape a Woman’s Love Life

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I’ve been thinking a lot about love lately. Perhaps it’s because I’m in a healthy and loving relationship. Before my boo I thought a lot about how to attract love. And how to reject men who weren’t good for me but felt oh so good.

It wasn’t easy to say no to the kind of man that I knew. The bad boys, the unattainable men, the lost souls: these were the type of men that I thought I desired and needed. I was hooked on them. So it wasn’t easy, breaking up with my role of savior. But it was necessary.

Breaking my pattern changed the trajectory of my love life. So, take this time to discover what needs to change in your life. What needs to occur so you can attract a love that is genuine, exciting, and good for you? Perhaps you need to experience one of the following. Here are 5 moments that shape a woman’s love life.

When you break up with that loser…finally.

Breaking up with that loser is liberating. Not only because you deserve better, but also because you dated plenty of losers before this guy. And let them off the hook time and again. So, dump this loser and never look back. Once you do you’re life will change. You will have the courage to be single until you choose a better partner. You will have the guts to move on if the next guy isn’t the guy either.

When you change that flat tire.

It may not seem like a big deal, but changing a flat tire is the definition of a bad ass woman. It’s hard work. Manual labor. And you did it all on your own. When this day comes you will feel independent and strong. You won’t feel like you need a man at all. You may still desire one, which is understandable, but you won’t need him. How awesome is that?

When you tell a man you love him.

Telling a man that you love him changes everything. You hear the words in slow motion. You put your heart on the line. You are vulnerable. Being vulnerable means you are open to love. That’s why you must utter those three little words to feel love and be loved. But only when you feel that love within.

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When you get rejected by someone you love.

Rejection shapes us as much as love does. It can harden us. It can wise us up. It can drive us to rebellion. All these emotions and stages are needed in love and life. Rejection is a great lesson in self-awareness and self-worth. Without it, we wouldn’t be who we are. We wouldn’t embrace love when we receive it.

When you have an orgasm (even when masturbating) .

The Big O can do many things to a woman. It teaches us what turns us on as we get to know our bodies. Aside from toe-curling satisfaction, orgasms also connect us to our partner. It bonds. It ignites. It builds intimacy. It makes us feel like the sexy women that we are, the women that deserve to attain it all – especially love.

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