I Was a Sesame Street Birthdayzilla Thanks to Pinterest

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P.B.S (pre-baby Sujeiry) would never be caught dead on Pinterest. Sure, I had an account, but the last thing pinned was a white backless mini dress. (See: club-wear.) Unlike my female counterparts, I spend most of my 20s and early 30s online (dating) and at bars (drinking). My single friends and I got together regularly to sip pretty cocktails rather than taking pics of them. Scratch that. I’d take shots of Patron and mostly sip on Bacardi and Cokes. There’s nothing pretty about that. (And still, no drink selfies.)

So you can imagine my shock when I became Pinterest obsessed while planning Evan’s 1st birthday party. The theme: Sesame Street. Because his world revolves around three things: mama, dada, and Elmo. Ok, 4. He loves himself some Grover.

A Sesame Street birthday bash was a no brainer. Putting it together visually, however, was no easy feat. By party day and at the eleventh hour (guests showed up and I still had a doorag on my head) I felt like I had been working at a sweatshop.

Damn you, Pinterest! And the moms who make all this DIY shit so easy.

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I really thought it be a piece of cake to create alphabet blocks, Sesame Street character fans, and Cookie Monster Bark. Ok, the latter was fairly easy, but I wasn’t counting on the melting, the melting of chocolate in the sun! #MomBrain I had to keep it refrigerated until we cut the cake. But, once out in the sun and on the dessert table, everyone loved it!


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Here’s the recipe for Cookie Monster Bark.


Now, on to the alphabet blocks. I had this vision, you see, to spell Evan’s name with alphabet blocks. I found the block template here and printed them out in stock paper, and put Dave to werk! He cut about 25 pieces of paper, and complained about it the entire time.


Putting the alphabet blocks together took much longer than expected, especially since I had to hot glue gun the sides together. That didn’t stop me; I had a plan! An idea! Pinterest told me it was simple! I felt like a bad ass with my hot glue gun, until I glued my fingers to the box and burned myself a handful of times. But it was all worth it because, well, look! How pretty!

Sesame Street Theme Birthday Party Centerpieces


Not so thrilling? My centerpieces. I took a mason jar and added red and white gum balls. The goal was to wrap the helium inflated balloons around the mason jars. Only I forgot that helium balloons float and so I had to add rocks (dirty, ugly rocks!) inside the mason jars to weight them down.

Gumball and mason jar centerpieces

I was done! Everything was ready and I could finally take off my doorag! But the wind….the wind! It kept knocking over the centerpieces, rocks inside and all, and my beautiful Sesame Street character pinwheels and Thank You street signs toppled over every 15 minutes. I was obsessed with keeping them steady until I realized, Pinterest made me a First Birthday-zilla. And I finally let go. I let go and let everything topple down!

The fiesta was amazing and memorable. Dave was impressed. My hair and makeup was on point.

Sujeiry and Evan

Evan was happy. Well, somewhat. He was overwhelmed by all the people and refused to nap, so he totally ruined his Sesame Street themed birthday party! I kid, I kid. Evan could never ruin anything. Not even a watered down rum and coke.

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