My Germophobia and Disdain for Grime Led Me to This

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I’ve been very candid about my germaphobia and my disdain for everything baby drool and grime. I wasn’t sure how I was going to handle Evan getting into everything and then putting it in his mouth.

Just last week Dave and I went to a special park where residents of Nassau County here in Long Island donate toys for the tots that visit the park. “Let’s put him in one of those cars!” Dave exclaimed with contagious eagerness.

Well, contagious to everyone but me.

I approached the baby vehicle with Evan in tow, lowered him in and stopped mid way. “This is filthy!” I screamed, imagining Evan with coxsackie. (If you’re scurred of baby mouth sores, don’t click on that link!)

“You ruin all the fun,” Dave moped.

Sigh. I had killed Dave’s spirit and, yes, maybe even Evan’s fun. As we walked away from the toys, I wondered: Will my fear of bacteria ruin Evan’s childhood? Will I become Mami (my mother) who didn’t even allow her kids to go bike riding for fear we’d lose our balance, fall and eat crow? (P.S. I learned how to ride a bike at 12. And I indeed ate crow.) Will I be that mom? The one who wipes her baby’s hands with hand sanitizer every time he touches something foreign. The one who won’t let her baby play in the mud. The one who smacks away her baby’s hand when he picks up a bug. 


I just can’t help it. My mother is the germaphobe of all germaphobes, so this party-pooper mindset is hereditary. It’s here to stay, man! Which is why I’m so glad I have Boppy. Thanks to Boppy, I can take Evan out grocery shopping or out to eat without obsessing over the mix of baby spit and food particles that live on high chairs, or the tar-like substance permanently stuck to grocery carts. What is that thing anyway? Probably a mix of dried up glue and the bloody juice that leaks from the meat packages. Shiver.

The Boppy Shopping Cart Cover has become a life saver. It covers most shopping carts that way baby doesn’t place clean hands in any of the grossmess. There’s a great little pocket where you can keep toys right within baby’s reach (and off the ground). Included is the crinkle toy shown below and safety straps that keep baby secure. Bonus: the Boppy Shopping Cart Cover can be used on restaurant high chairs and it machine washable. 

yaaass kenya moore rhoa

And look how comfy Evan looks! He would’ve taken a nap if my grocery store cart wasn’t lopsided. Unfortunately, Boppy can’t fix janky carts. 


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Now, I just have to make sure I put gloves on when washing the Boppy. Evan is protected from bacteria, but who’s going to protect me?!

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