WINNERS ANNOUNCED! Win a Free Coaching Session in 2015!

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WINNER ANNOUNCED! Congrats to Mary Jane for winning a free coaching session with me!


I have manifested an amazing life. I’ve closed my eyes and envisioned a best-selling book, a wonderful relationship, a thriving career in entertainment, and a relationship coaching and matchmaking empire. Plus, a house and kids to boot. Stylish office included.

Why just yesterday I thought: I need to get on radio again. As the wise Lisa Rhina said on an episode of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, in this industry one must keep working and be seen. Otherwise, you will be forgotten. I didn’t work this hard for years without a publicist and manager to disappear. I love working on radio. As fickle as the business can be, I want to tame the beast and plow ahead, like a gal who hopes the bad boy turns good.

These are the ideas, images, and desires that sometimes keep me up at night. But God always listens. One day I am wishing for a TV segment that aligns with what I have created, and the next day I get a call from a producer. Another day I reminisce about my days on Exitos 93.9FM, and the next day I get a text from Raq-C from La Mega 96.3FM’s new morning show, telling me to call in for a relationship segment, like when the Love Guru on Exitos 93.9FM.

My point is there is power in manifestation. The things that we desire may not happen when we want (trust me, I wanted that radio gig in LA for years) or how we want it, but if it aligns with our true desires we will receive.

Manifest the best for yourself in 2015. Know what you want concretely – no wavering – and envision that life. There will be obstacles. There will be moments of doubt, desperation, and defeat when you are on your journey.

Don’t give into those feelings completely. Feel them, they are valid.

Don’t let then swallow you whole for months and years. Shed as many tears of frustration, confusion, fear, and anger as you’d like.

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Don’t become embittered by timing. Vent to close friends that you trust and are open to hearing you out even when you are exhausting them.

Once all that is said and done, close your eyes, breathe, and continue to manifest.

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