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I Hate You! What All Couples Fight About | Video

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Latinas get a really bad rep for being feisty firecrackers that love to fight with their men just because. He didn’t pick up the phone after you called? SLAP! You didn’t like the way he looked at that waitress? PINCH! And if your man really pisses you off, he may just get a chancletazo.

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Still, no matter our culture or where we are from there are some things that all couples have in common – what we fight about. This video shows that a Chinese woman gets just as annoyed about her man’s dirty habits as a Mexicana. Why do you leave a trail of your boxer/briefs on the floor? For the love of God, throw away some of the food in your fridge before you die of E.Coli, man!

I especially loved when the Mexican and Dominican couple disagreed on spicy food versus food that is flavorful. He doesn’t want to chug a gallon of milk because you stuffed a jalapeño inside a platano! She’s all like, how is a jalapeño hot? #TrueStory

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Needless to say, when it comes to love we all have our quirks and habits that drive our partners crazy. Oh, and don’t touch a Latina girl’s booty when she’s angry. If you do, duck.


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