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Love Bytes: Sujeiry Faces a Fear + The Law of Attraction

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I believe in the law of attraction. I also believe that we attract what and who we need. Sometimes that friend or lover is just there to scratch an emotional, internal itch we didn’t even realize existed. We’re spending time with this loved one when suddenly that friend or lover confronts us with our baggage – and we can’t stop scratching.

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Well, Boo confronted me with something I thought I handled – my fear of failure and being deemed irresponsible and ultimately not enough.

He didn’t mean to hurt my feelings with his words. In fact, I now appreciate all he said to me this day, as his words reflected back much of what I once felt and sometimes still feel about myself.

I’m working on it. And I’ve realized that’s okay. This new episode of “Love Bytes” is the first step to digging through my stuff and sorting it out once and for all. And again and again if need be. #TheWorkNeverStops

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