Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles

April 2013 Nonfiction Pick: Alisa Valdes’ Latina Literature Initiative Book Club

Loving, sexy and always entertaining, Sujeiry often wonders, why am I still single? In this poignant and witty collection of personal essays, she chronicles her relationship stumbles. Love Trips is a fearless account of one woman’s journey to love. From sloppy sexual encounters to the return of exes past, Sujeiry recalls the highs and lows of love with raw honesty and humor.

Love Trips by Sujeiry Gonzalez. Photo by Claysnails Photography. Love Trips by Sujeiry Gonzalez. Photo by Claysnails Photography. Love Trips by Sujeiry Gonzalez. Photo by ClaySnails Photography.

Sujeiry Gonzalez is missing one thing in her life – the love of a man! Instead, she’s stuck with bad sex, boring studs and men who just can’t commit. In this relatable collection of personal essays, Sujeiry takes readers into her love trips. From 25 to 33 years of age, she describes her stumbles with humor, vulnerability and rawness. As you read, you will shake your head at Sujeiry’s drunk dialing and many breakdowns. You will laugh as she explores the world of psychics, brujos, and tarot. You will cry when she is heartbroken after committing to the wrong man (again!). Readers will root for Sujeiry to find love and the self-worth she lacks and needs. Most importantly, women everywhere will find an ally in Sujeiry,as we all desire the love of a King that deserves our heart.

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I love her writing, and I’m impressed by her entrepreneurial spirit. This collection of funny, brutally honest essays about Sujeiry’s search for love will make you smile.Alisa Valdes, Best Selling Author

I just finished this book and love it! As I was reading it, I found myself wrapped in the excitement of a new romance and then heartbroken when they end right along with Sujeiry. Not too many of us are willing to face the truth as to why our relationships continue to fail, and then dare to share them with the world. Sometimes you need to see how other people stumble so you don’t make the same mistakes in your own life. A must read for hopeful women everywhere.Helen Troncoso, Ms. New York America 2012

I bought Love Trips after hearing a reading from the book. I was hooked immediately and sat down to read it cover to cover. It was honest, funny, well written and relatable. Any young professional female will see themselves and their own dating adventures, mishaps and stumbles in the pages and won’t be able to put it down. A must read for women of all ages. . .can’t wait to share with my sister and girlfriends! Alexandra Morbitzer, PR Newswire Association

I couldn’t help but feeling as though the author was with me, recounting these stories, guiding me through a journey of heart-wrenching pain and neat little pockets of humor. You’re going to leave this book riveted and changed, and re-reading moments that you can relate to. Sujeiry writes with the blood of her own heart; she has a way of telling stories that seem like a memory in your own life. As a man, I wondered: Am I “Mother meeting material?” Do I fight for the woman in my life? Am I demonstrating to her that she is, indeed, the “Rock, best friend, and partner” that she needs? I was secretly hoping she would find fulfillment throughout her love trips. I’m that guy with ideological fixations who wants closure and a grand finality in all of his books. But here, I found something better. I found a true tesoro. Thank you! I’m a grateful reader.Dave J. Robles, Indie Author

I just finished reading “Love Trips.” Sujeiry’s humor is funny relished with saucy and sassy. I love the titles she uses for each chapter and subchapters. I learned a new word – sexting.Anna M. Poore, Vice President of Filmlook Media and Post

When I first got Sujeiry Gonzalez’ book, Love Trips: A Collection of Relationship Stumbles, I thought, “Wow, there’s a lot of story here- it is a meaty book!” All it took was the very first story in a collection of stories for me to fall into Sujeiry’s meaty love journey.

During my read of the book, at times, I felt like I was Sujeiry, herself! I was that girl feeling the high highs of new love and depths of emotions that only the kind of romantic rejection can bring. I was that girl wanting so badly for love to work out THIS time. I couldn’t stop reading wanting know what happened next, where would this relationship go, when would Sujeiry see him again, and would he be good to her?

The beauty of this story comes from the raw emotion and profound growing moments that Sujeiry openly offers the readers. Love gone wrong isn’t pretty; it isn’t comfortable, or easy to go through. Nonetheless, Sujeiry leaves the window shades up so we can see it. I love that we also get to witness the tender moments, the caring, and heartfelt exchanges between Sujeiry and the men that loved her. I found myself wishing for one of these men to show her enduring tenderness, enduring heartfelt caring, and enduring passion and commitment.Vicky Barrios, Therapist, Good Relationships Activist & Blogger at Kindness and Kisses