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I Love Lipstick Thanks to Mami and Trust Fund Beauty

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I pucker up in the mirror and apply a hue of red lipstick. Boo walks into the bathroom and asks, “Why are you putting on makeup? We’re just going to your moms.” I look away from my reflection and stare at him in disbelief, “This is what we do!” He shook his head, confused and unwilling to ask any more questions.

By “we” I mean my very Dominican family. My aunts, cousins and, yes, even my mother get dolled up just to go to a family members home. We’ll sit in the living room on a Saturday afternoon with mascara, eye shadow and a killer lip. We tell stories, laugh, eat and drink and never go beyond the living room or kitchen. We look like we’re about to go clubbing only we just like to look our best amongst our family. It’s just what Latinas do.

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Mami raised me this way, which is why I apply lipstick even when I’m taking a neighborhood stroll. Often, I also put on makeup just so I look my best when Boo walks in. He appreciates it even though he doesn’t understand it.

So, you can imagine that I have tons of makeup – mostly lipsticks and eye shadows – and that I was extremely excited to try Trust Fund Beauty lipstick shades. Trust Fund Beauty is a Vegan and Cruelty-free lipstick and nail polish line that is perfect for the consciousness gal that loves to get dolled up. And I got try on some of their amazing lip colors!

Here I am with “Something Witty.” It’s a violet color that is bright and perfect for any skin tone!

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Here’s “Text Me” – a neutral hue which I loved with this red dress! Sometimes it’s best to have an understated lip color when rocking such a bright outfit.

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And, last but not least, a red lipstick color! I adore red lips. Perhaps it’s a Latina thing. This is “Lips En Fuego” from Trust Fund Beauty and my lips are on fire indeed!

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Now, I am off to take a walk with “Something Witty” and my baby bump. Pucker up, chicas!

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