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Skin Confidence with Conffianz: A Beauty Brand for Latinas

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This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Conffianz and Latina Bloggers Connect. The opinions and text are all mine.

Being Latina I never took care of my skin when out en la playa. Instead of using sunblock, I slathered my body with suntan oil. I looked like a greasy piece of chicarron and thought, this won’t affect my skin negatively! I have melanin! I was so wrong.

Over the years I developed uneven skin tone. My sister was often oiled up right alongside me, taking in all of the sun’s rays; and she developed manchas. Needless to say we weren’t the hot tamales we imagined we’d be after years of sun damage. Now that I’m pregnant and my hormones are raging, my body has more dark spots than ever!

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Enter Conffianz: a beauty brand for Latinas recommended by dermatologists for our beautiful yet often uneven skin tone. Many Latinas face this skin challenge because 1) we haven’t protected ourselves from the sun, and 2) sometimes we just have uneven skin tone! Solution? Conffianz’ award-winning Clear & Confident Line.

Conffianz Clear and Confident Line

I began using the product and love that it’s for Latinas specifically. Other beauty brands don’t always take that into account. Conffianz understands that Latinas are unique, confident, beautiful and full of life and love. The brand is devoted to embracing our beauty – inside and out. They were even inspired by our confidence and named the skin care line, Conffianz, a word that comes from the Spanish words “confianza” and “confidente,” which means (you guessed it!) confidence.

So, how did it go for me? I loved the Facial Cleanser. I’ve struggled with finding a cleanser that removes all of my makeup, and I often wake up with globs of mascara. Raccoon eyes are not cute! Conffianz’ cleanser, however, gently removes makeup and oil all while conditioning and soothing the skin. You can thank their use of these natural ingredients: Ginger, Aloe, Sweet Almond and Citrus Extracts.

Speaking of natural, I don’t like to wear foundation or cover up. But, I do when I don’t feel my skin looks its best. The Conffianz Facial Moisturizer, however, was really soft! I felt it was all that I needed and didn’t apply any cake afterward. Plus, The Skin Lightener helps clear dark spots due to it’s non prescription formula,which prevents the production of excessive pigment.

Using Conffianz Moisturizer

Now that I am 37 going on 38, I have to protect my skin daily even more so than before. Conffianz’ Facial Moisturizer has anti-aging benefits and SPF 30, which is perfect for daily wear. And its fragrance free! This made me happy as I have sensitive skin. Most products with fragrance break me out into a rash. Not Conffianz’ Facial Moisturizer. Thank God for their blend of pharmaceutical and natural ingredients!

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So, where can you find this amazing product? At the amazing Walmart. Check out store locations here and be confident in your beautiful, Latina skin with Conffianz.

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Conffianz and Latina Bloggers Connect. However, the opinions expressed are all mine.

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