Sujeiry Married at First Sight FYI

My National TV Debut! FYI Network M...

Check out Sujeiry on national TV! Do you remember that show I was cast for? Well, I turned it down because they wanted me to marry a stranger. Henc...

Sujeiry Chevron Dress

Love Bytes: Should We Have Expectat...

Expectations in relationships often lead to disappointment. A few days ago I chatted with my friend, Teresa, about expectations in relationships. T...

Lebron James mad

Slam Dunk? What His Favorite Sports...

Don't hate the game; judge his sports team! Social media has made me not very good at dating. Don't get me wrong, I make a fantastic date. I ca...

Therapist Couch

Love Trips: Can You Be My Relations...

Sometimes telling all your secrets can be the worst thing you do. Whenever I tell a man that I am a relationship writer and the former Love Guru on...

Hot Hombre of the Week: No Good Deed Actor Idris Elba

Idris Elba Golden Globes Win
Idris can be my No Good Deed any day.

Idris Elba is the new “it” hottie in Hollywood, but he’s been on my radar since Daddy’s Little Girls. When he later came on to my television screen on “The Big C” as Lenny – a painter who has a steamy affair with Cathy (Laura Linney) – I couldn’t get enough of his sexiness.

And he is all sorts of amazing.

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6 Tips for Grooming Down There and Avoiding Ingrown Hairs

When those pesky ingrown hairs invade your bikini area .

I don’t enjoy being bare down there. I want to feel like a woman, man. Being hairless in my neither region makes me feel like a newborn baby. But I also don’t want to grow out my hair like a Neanderthal. The only braiding will occur on my head!

So, what’s a gal to do? I’ve settled for keeping it tidy. Still, it’s a process. I suffer from follucitis so I can’t shave or wax or do much of anything without acquiring an ingrown hair. I’ve been to my gyno many times fearing the worst. She looks at me and says, “It’s just another infected ingrown hair, Sujeiry.”

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Erotic Prose, Bad Grammar: Good to the Last Drop Book Review

Good to the Last Drop Cover
Good to the Last Drop: a plate of hot sex with poor grammar.

I receive many requests to review books. I rarely do because 1) it’s time consuming and 2) authors may not like what I have to say about their work of art. That’s because authoring a book is like having a baby. Just like I don’t call newborns ugly (some look like little old men!) I don’t want to call your book – your literary newborn – busted.

This time, however, I bended the rules. When Genevieve Davis, author of Good to the Last Drop, emailed me about a review I couldn’t resist. Blame the woman’s sexual peak (after all, I’m 36) or my curiosity of all thinks erotic. I dug in. And here’s what I really thought. (Sorry baby!)
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Woe is Facebook! What To Do On Social Media Post Breakup

Sad Breakups
What to do on Facebook when you break up with your boo.

My boyfriend is not into Facebook. So much so that his wall is covered with check in’s, photos and status updates…because others have tagged him. Besides that there’s a void on his timeline!

I’m sure Facebook is saddened by the lack of activity on my boo’s social media page. Mark Zuckerburg weeps while scrolling through his timeline.
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The AutoBlow 2 for Men Will Literally Blow Your Mind

AutoBlow 2 blow job for men

Leave it to technology to do the blow job for you.

You’re tired. You just want to get some and get some rest. But your man has other plans. As you kiss his chest and unzip his pants, he nudges your head to his neither region. You push back. Resist. Dammit, you don’t want to do any more work!
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Ask Sujeiry: Should I Make a Sex Tape with my Man?

Video camera sex tape

When he wants you to star in a sex tape.

Dear Sujeiry,

My man really wants us to make a sex tape but I’m not 100 percent sure about it. It would be exciting but what if it leaks? He says I’m being paranoid but, hello, Kim Kardashian, Mimi Faust and fictional characters like Cameron Diaz. I don’t want 30-45 minutes of fun to ruin my life, but I don’t want to let my man down. What should I do?
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