AMI Clubwear Dresses

GIVEAWAY: Win AMI Clubwear Gift Car...

Win a $50 AMI Clubwear gift card to shop for some dresses and more! Once upon a time I loved to shake my rump. I bopped to hip hop, swung my hips t...

Dascha Polanco OITNB and Sujeiry Gonzalez

A Lesson in Networking: Meeting Das...

What happened when I met Dascha Polanco from Orange is the New Black. When I returned home from Los Angeles to NYC, I promised myself I'd do a lot mo...

Keepsake White Dress from Lulus

5 Outfits to Wear on a Date When Go...

Wow him on the dance floor with these great salsa dresses. This Saturday I accompanied my boo to the Salseros Unidos de Long Island (SULI) annivers...

Sujeiry the Sweet Spot ChicRebellion TV

Love Bytes: The Sweet Spot with Suj...

Photos of Sujeiry filming "The Sweet Spot with Sujeiry" on ChicRebellion! I'm super excited to share that I'm the host of "The Sweet Spot with Suje...

Beauty Alert! Chanel’s LES 4 OMBRES Eye Shadow Collection

Sujeiry at the Chanel Bloomingdales LES 4 OMBRES
Take a look at Chanel’s LES 4 OMBRES eye shadow collection.

This is a sponsored post.

When I hear the word “Chanel” I think sophistication, quality and beauty. I also feel a little giddy. It’s Chanel!

So you can imagine my excitement when I was asked to attend an exclusive event at Bloomingdale’s to learn about Chanel’s new eye shadow palate, LES 4 OMBRES – a new collection of shadow quads inspired by Chanel’s iconic tweeds.
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Why Some Single Women Get A Sweet Tooth for Sugar Daddies

Sugar Daddy
So you want to date a sugar daddy…

At a time where the majority of our thoughts are on money, it isn’t a shock that females are looking for Sugar Daddies. Stereotypes and side comments are no longer a deterrent for women and society seems to be behind this current trend. Websites like are backing females who have chosen this lifestyle by making the search process a lot easier.

After chatting with Bendu Coleman, one of my closest friends who has considered a Sugar Daddy, I learned why females might consider this path.
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7 Dating Lessons and Bits of Advice from My Mami

Mother and Baby
Sometimes mother does know best.

My mami is a very traditional Latina. She cooks, cleans, and caters to her children and partner with love while reprimanding with a chancleta, if need be. Mami also shares her opinions about everything. I’m furrowing my brows too much? She tells me I may need Botox when I’m older if I don’t stop. I’m cooking arroz blanco and chicken? She reminds me (see: commands) to use a specific stovetop. I’m traveling to a foreign country? She becomes the Latina Barbara Walters and lays out the happenings and current events of said country. And don’t leave your personal belongings unattended!
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“The Sweet Spot” with Sujeiry! A New Show On Love and Dating

“The Sweet Spot” with Sujeiry will answers all your love questions!

Love, dating, relationships, commitments–you have so many questions! That’s why I am working with Chic Rebellion TV to help you navigate the world of love, relationships and dating.

In this preview of my new ChicRebellion.TV series, “The Sweet Spot with Sujeiry”, coming this fall, we give you a peek of what to expect as I field your questions and find the answers.

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Ask Sujeiry: How Long Should Single Women Wait for The One?

The One
Why single women shouldn’t settle for less than “the one.”

Dear Sujeiry,

I’ve been single for about three years and I am tired of dating. In all this time I haven’t met anyone that I really connect with. Most guys are nice and put together. They have everything that I want but I just don’t feel it. I’m talking about chemistry!

My friends say that I am being too picky, but I want to feel butterflies. So far it’s been eh. So what do you suggest I do? Do I just go for the guy that’s good for me or wait for the guy who will make me feel that feeling when he doesn’t feel close at all? How long should single women wait for “the one”?
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5 Reasons To Get Fancy at the Angelo David Hair Salon

Angelo David Salon Logo
The Angelo David salon in NYC is a fancy treat.

Mercedes Benz New York Fashion Week isn’t just about fancy threads, gorgeous models and creative designers. It’s about everything beautiful, including healthy tresses and precisely-painted nails and toes. Enter the Angelo David salon in Midtown East. Steps away from Grand Central Terminal, David’s beauty boutique caters to the who’s who of Hollywood, including a few Real Housewives.

When I paid a visit to the Angelo David Salon, Aviva Drescher was sitting right beside me retouching her roots with her signature pale blonde. The service was also amazing; as soon as I walked in I was greeted and catered to.
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