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Mindy Lahiri

5 Ways to Get Him to Break Up with You Via Mindy Lahiri

Want him to break up with you? Listen to Mindy. If you're a single woman living in NYC, you may watch and adore this awesomely witty show called, 'The Mindy Project.' Mindy Lahiri is a smart and pop-culture savvy gynecologist who just so happens to be Indian and desperately seeking love. I lov...



But He’s Out Of My League! Pursue Him Anyway

If you don't broaden your dating horizons, you'll end up snuggling alone. You have a crush. He’s handsome, holds great conversation, and seems to have everything together, but you’re scared to let him know how you feel. “He’s too attractive to ever want to be with a girl like me,” yo...


Johnny Depp 21 JumpStreet

Hot Hombre of the Week: Johnny Depp in the 90s

A look at when Johnny Depp was hot... Johnny Depp has been all over the media rocking an engagement ring on his hitching finger. That's right - Amber Heard, 27, has Johnny, 50, whooped! He loves that young woman so much (he is almost 30 years her senior) that he's disregarding gender roles and be...

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Bday Girl

5 Reasons Why I’m Going to Pop Bottles for My 36th Birthday

Go shorty! It's my birthday in two days! Remember when I said I wasn't looking forward to the big 36? Though I've always been a birthday girl, celebrating to my hearts content and the demise of my liver, I shared weeks ago that I didn't feel like celebrating much. I didn't want to live it up even...

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5 Lyrics That Show Shakira’s Always Been a Hopeless Romantic

It turns out we don't have to save Shakira. Recently, Shakira shocked fans and rattled the hearts of feminists with statements like this: “He’s the prince that rescued me.” And at that very moment I wanted to rescue her. I imagined kidnapping Shaki from her dungeon, grabbing her by th...